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Your personal privacy is very important to us. Our paramount
concern is respect for you and your wellbeing. The service
we offer is confidential although there are limits to this
because, as is required by our professional code of conduct,
all counselling psychologists may discuss aspects of their
work with professional colleagues, although individuals are
never identified.

This discussion centres on ensuring best practice and our
colleagues are also bound by an ethical code and a
commitment to confidentiality.

It is normal practice for us to know the name and address of
your doctor and a contact number in case of emergencies.
We do not normally talk with your doctor about you unless there
is a concern that you might be at risk of harm either to yourself or
that you might harm others. In such instances, we always make
every effort to let you know of the need for such actions before
they are taken and before we speak with your doctor.
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