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The service is available to anyone who is experiencing emotional
distress of any kind and who is not currently receiving counselling
from another counselling service. You may refer yourself, or be
referred by your doctor, any other medical practitioner or
appropriate professional.


Everyone is different and some people need more time than
others. Normally you will be offered up to six sessions at
the start with an option to review progress at the end of
this time and consider whether more sessions are needed.

Sessions can be timed flexibly to suit your particular needs
such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even just occasionally.

Evening and weekend appointments are also offered.
Cost and Payment

Psychological counselling sessions last for up to one hour.
Payment by cash or cheque is accepted either before each
session starts or as it finishes. There is a standard fee for
each session and some concessionary rates are available.

The Practitioner

Abigael Eldred
BPS Registration No: 91781
BACP Reg No: 523259
Registered with HCPC

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